Anevia Tirabade


Known Information

  • Female Human Rogue
  • Broken Leg: Anevia’s leg was broken in the fall, and as a result she moves at half speed and cannot run.. Restoring her leg requires a regenerate spell.
  • Weapon: Short Sword +3 (1d6+1), Shortbow +5 (1d6/x3), 23 arrows
  • Attitude towards NPC: Friendly

Known Story Elements

  • Born a man and originally named Anvenn, Anevia grew up on the streets of Nisroch, and witnessed a hundred horrors by age 12. Anvenn’s mother worked for a gang of outlaw artists and thieves, an occupation dangerous in any city but especially risky in the back streets of Nisroch. She raised her son with an appreciation of freedom to speak and love of art, while her gang taught young Anvenn how to pick locks and pockets. Although he proved an adept pupil of thievery, Anvenn always felt awkward in his skin and avoided making friends as a result. In art and literature, Anvenn increasingly found himself identifying with strong female figures rather than their male counterparts—and for most of his life Anvenn would carry the conviction that he had been born into the wrong body.
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