Old Friends, and New Enemies - 2018/03/22


Session XP: 650

XP Reason Location
150 Mongrelmen (x2) H1
50 Bear Trap H1
300 Mongrelmen (x3) H2
150 Cave Lizard H3

Part 2: Lair of the Vile and Vicious

Date: 17 Arodus 4713
Time: 12:30


G. Neathholm


- Potions of Cure Light Wounds (x6)
- Potions of Lesser Restoration (x3)

H. Traitor's Den

Time: 13:30
Room Number Description Encounter Loot
H1 Guard Post Mongrelmen (x2), Bear Trap Light Crossbow (x2)
H2 Living Quarters Mongrelmen (x3) Simple Club (x3)
H3 Pantry Cave Lizard Rations (x4)
H4 Common Room Wenduag (Female Mongrelmen)
H10 Trophy Hall Cultists of Baphomet (x2)
Time: 14:00
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