Friends and Foes - 2018/02/22


Session XP: 405

XP Reason Location
50 Cockroach Swarm A2
265 Darkmantles (x4) C1
100 Milorn C2


Date: 16 Arodus 4713
Time: 16:30

A. Damn Swarm! (Interlude)

This smaller cavern appears to have once served as a campsite or temporary lair. In a torn bedroll lies the cold remains of a body. Broken equipment, and rubble lies just past the campsite.
Encounter: Cockroach Swarm (Undefeated)
Treasure: A copper brooch depicting a bat perched on a mushroom both of the bat’s eyes are tiny amethysts. Value 200g. (A2)
Time: 17:10

C. Cavern of Ancestors

Stone figures are carved into the walls of this cavern. Each depicts a different crusader clad in armor and wielding weapons, but their carved stone features contain expressions of sadness.
Encounter: Darkmantles (x4)
A small campfire and a well-used bedroll, along with a few utensils and tools, sits near another cave opening in the far wall of this cavern.
Encounter: Millorn (Level 3 Wizard, Male, Dwarf)
- Potion of Cure Light Wounds
- Potion of Invisibility
- Scroll of Shocking Grasp
- Scroll of Resist Energy
- Dagger
- Light Crosbow
- 10 Bolts
- Cloak of Resistance +1
- 8pp, 7gp
- Bedroll
- 6 Rations
- Marble Statuette of Humanoids Throwing a Spear (x6), Total value of 75gp
- Spellbook containing detect secret doors, fog cloud, grease, invisibility, resist energy, shocking grasp, and silent image, Value of 160gp
Time: 18:30
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