A City in Ruins - 2018/05/20

“As the PCs emerge from the sewers, they step into a city vastly different from the one they left at the start of the adventure. Regardless of how long the PCs spent underground, the tremors and demonic attacks have devastated the city, leaving it a smoking, apocalyptic ruin. Deep chasms riddle the city, while the paths of enormous demons have left ruinous trails of rubble extending out from the city’s heart. Above, the once-familiar skyline of Kenabres and forever changed—the tower of the Kite and the Cathedral of St. Clydwell having been completely destroyed, while elsewhere plumes of dark smoke still rise from the smoldering remains of burned-down buildings. Fat buzzards wheel above in skies scarred by red smoke and black clouds. The Worldwound has expanded its borders, and now the city of Kenabres is enveloped in it.”


Session XP: 2150

XP Reason Location
100 Dire Rats (x6) Street
250 Abrikandilu (x2) Besieged Shop
800 Various (Aravashnial's Quest) Blackwing Ruins
500 Vagorg (Anevia's Quest) Blackwing Ruins
300 Finalizing alliance between Nethholm and the crusaders Defender's Heart
200 Allying with Irabeth Defender's Heart


Date: 19 Arodus 4713
Time: 08:00
I swear the sun’s been rising later and setting earlier each day—soon it’ll be forever night!
The demon plague has come to Kenabres. We’ll all be dead of it within a week!

Dire Rats

While walking the streets the players notice 6 dire rats that appear to be hungry.
Encounter: Dire Rats (x6)
Time: 09:00

Besieged Shop

Fine Fittings is owned by a human couple Belthis and Nira Loumis. The two have weathered the destruction of Kenabres well so far, having remained in hiding in their shop subsisting on food stores. Their shop is a combination tailor/clothing store that specializes in particularly fancy clothing, and the shop has recently attracted the attention of a passing demon—an abrikandilu
Encounter: Abrikandilu (x2)
Treasure: 200g
Time: 10:00

I. Blackwing Ruins

The Librarium of the Broken Black Wing—called “Blackwing” to the locals—has a reputation for containing the most complete record of research on demon hunting in the country. Unfortunately, Blackwing now lies in ruins—all that remains standing is the Librarium’s facade and its reinforced great hall. A group of five librarians (all human experts 3) are the only survivors of the disaster, and they’ve spent much of their time after the fall huddled here in despair. The first person they grew brave enough to open the doors to offer shelter was a man named Chaleb Sazomal, who appeared to be a crusader in distress. Unfortunately, letting him in ended up being one of their worst mistakes.
Encounter: Chaleb, Tieflings (x4)
- Potion of Cure Light Wounds
- Banded Mail
- Light Steel Shield
- Heavy Mace +1
- Scroll of Dimensional Lock
- Leathery Gray Strips (x6) - Appears to be the skin of some kind of worm.
- Wizzard Spellbook (alarm, dismissal, dispel magic, magic circle against chaos, resist energy, versatile weapon) worth 700g
- 29g
Time: 12:00

K. Tirabade Residence

Anevia is most anxious to return to the modest home she shares with her wife, Irabeth. When the group arrives at Anevia’s house, they find the building abandoned but still standing. Anevia calls out for Irabeth, but there’s no answer—Irabeth isn’t present, but the house is far from abandoned. One of several criminals Irabeth tracked down during her time in the River Kingdoms was a half-orc cultist of Xoveron named Vagorg. When Kenabres fell, Vagorg realized fate had given him the perfect opportunity—he hopes to catch Anevia alone, murder her, and leave her body in the bed for Irabeth to find.
Encounter: Vagorg
- Potion of Invisibility
- Want of Magic Missle (cL 3rd, 11 charges)
- Ranseur (Magic Unique Item)
- 50g
Time: 14:00

O. Defender's Heart


The largest inn in Kenabres is Defender’s Heart—a stout stone structure that survived the fall of Kenabres with ease. Built to last and largely ignored by the initial demonic attack (which focused much more on Old Kenabres and the riverfront), Defender’s Heart was a perfect choice as a place for surviving crusaders and veterans of the war to gather and form a sort of defensive line. While the inn is owned an run by a one-armed man named Kimroth Otai, he’s largely ceded control of the building to the Eagle Watch—the highest-ranking survivor of which is the half-orc paladin Irabeth Tirabade. Along with a handful of experienced crusaders and city guards, Irabeth has spent the past several days gathering intelligence on the assault, formulating plans to defend the inn against periodic attacks by demons and cultists, and working to keep morale up by promising the Mendevian army is only a few days away from helping to retake Kenabres.
Reward: 1000g for each safe house cleared
Time: 14:30

Note: You can assume that anything costing 100 gp or less is readily available for purchase, and that anything beyond that up to a maximum of 2,500 gp has a 75% chance of being available for sale.

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