Lost in the Dark - 2018/02/08


Session XP: 600

XP Reason Location
50 Interactions with the 3 NPC A1
100 Giant Maggot (x2) A1
100 Cave Viper A2
100 Giant Fly B1
100 Prevent Anevia's attitude from degrading B2
150 Huecuva B3

Part 1: The Fall of Kenabres



“Armasse officially began at noon, with the blessing of the festival by Lord Hulrun himself, ruler of Kenabres. The crowd gathered in Clydwell Plaza quieted as the aged inquisitor took the stage, clad in shining, resplendent armor. He cleared his throat, but just as he was about to speak, a bright light shone from the west, as if the sun were rising from the wrong direction. Hulrun’s shadow fell huge and distorted across the cathedral’s facade. A moment later, the sound of a thunderous explosion ripped through the air and earth, along with a violent tremor.

To the west, the fortress known as the Kite—the location of Kenabres’s wardstone—had vanished. In its place, a brilliant plume of red fire, lightning, and smoke erupted into the heavens.

A moment later, a powerful roar accompanied a welcome sight rising from the crowd—Kenabres’s greatest guardian, the ancient silver dragon Terendelev, who had until that moment been attending the opening ceremony disguised as a human. Above, another form appeared, as nightmarish as the dragon was breathtaking. A humanoid shape three times the size of any man, with skin coated in fire and lightning, gripped a flaming sword and whip. The creature’s identity was immediately obvious: Khorramzadeh, the Storm King of the Worldwound, had come to Kenabres!

As the ground continued to shake and disgorge demons into the streets, the dragon and the balor lord clashed above. The fight was over in a few harrowing moments, as the balor cut deep into Terendelev’s body, swooping down to strike the dragon and arresting her charge. A few more blows, and the titanic duo spiraled downward toward the crowd.

The sight of the dragon smashing into the facade of the Cathedral of St. Clydwell is one no witness would ever forget. At that moment, a titanic demon erupted at the far end of the plaza, reducing several buildings to ruins as it smashed into this world. The rift it created shot across the plaza, and this time there was no escape—it opened below your feet, angling away into darkness.

Even as you fell, the dragon noticed your plight. Though she saw death standing over her, she seized this final chance to save a few more souls. After she uttered a few arcane words and stretched out a bleeding talon, you felt her magic take hold of you, slowing your plummet into the darkness as if you were feathers falling into a pit. Yet the fall remained as inexorable, and as you drifted downward into the depths, the last thing you saw was the Storm King standing before the ancient silver dragon, his sword lashing out and cleaving full through her neck. As her severed head fell, the rift above you slammed shut, and the light of the world above was gone.”

Date: 16 Arodus 4713
Time: 15:00

A. Vast Cavern

Here and there, bodies are mixed with the rubble—citizens of Kenabres whom the dragon could not save. Not all of these victims perished, though. In addition to the PCs, there are three other survivors who were saved by the dragon’s feather fall. Aravashnial, Anevia Tirabade
The ceiling and far walls of this vast cavern recede into darkness. On one side, the wall has collapsed in an enormous mound of rubble—here and there the arms or legs of victims who didn’t survive the fall protrude. In the back of the cavern, a disturbing shape looms. Nearly the size of a horse, what appears to be an immense black spider crouches silent and still on the ground.
You see a number of silver scales lie scattered amid the stones, each about the size of a human man’s palm. These are Terendelev’s scales, shed as she died, and each one possesses a unique power, infused by her departing soul.
Encounter: Giant Maggots x2
Treasure: Terendelev's Scales x6
A stone ledge juts out at a right angle on the south wall of this cavern, fourteen feet off the ground. The leather strap of a backpack hangs from the edge of the ledge, while above, a narrow fissure yawns up into the dark.
Encounter: Cave Viper
Treasure: (A2)
- Masterwork Backpack
- 10 days of trial rations
- a flint and steel
- a set of caltrops
- 1 flask of oil
- 12 arrows
- a potion of cure light wounds
Time: 15:30

B. Abandoned Temple

A single sizable 20-foot-tall building remains in the center of this 30-foot-high cave, a bunkerlike structure with no windows and walls of worked stone blocks. A 10-foot-long carving of a hammer decorates the building’s facade. The ruins of collapsed outbuildings stand to either side. This is a template of Torag.
Encounter: Giant Fly
Treasure: Holy Water (B2)
Time: 16:00
The shrine’s priest dwells here still, seated on one of the benches facing the altar, his back to the PCs. Close inspection reveals the stocky hooded figure to be a dwarf covered with an equally thick layer of dust. Closer inspection still reveals the horrible truth as the Huecuva lurches to life with a shriek.
Encounter: Huecuva
Treasure: (B3)
- Potion of Cure Light Wound (x2)
- Gold Ring worth 125gp
- Masterwork Warhammer
Time: 16:30
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