Lost Crusaders - 2018/06/07


Session XP: 1450

XP Reason Location
800 Anti-Paladin Street
400 Mad Knights (x2) Street
250 Saving the women Street


Date: 19 Arodus 4713
Time: 17:30

Lost Crusaders

In front of a ruined shrine to Sarenrae kneels a weeping woman. Surrounding the woman are three human knights in battered armor. Their faces are sooty and grim and their eyes burn with feverish light. One of the knights, a human woman with fresh scars on her face, says to the kneeling woman, “Your sacrifice aids the cause of good.” The horrors of the demonic invasion have driven some to the brink of madness. These knights, desperate to drive back the demons, have latched onto an old folktale— that sheathing one’s blade in the body of a virgin temporarily transforms the sword into a demon-slaying weapon. They have found a likely candidate and are preparing to carry out their grisly task.
Encounter: Anti-Paladin, Mad Knights (x2)
- Potion of Cure Light Wounds (x2)
- Potion of Enlarge Person
- Potion of Light (x3)
- Potion of Purify Food and Drink (x6)
- Potion of Ablative Barrier
- Ring of Sustenance
- Wooden Holy Symbol (x2)
- Gold Coated Wooden Holy Symbol
- 388g
Time: 19:30
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