In, or Out? - 2018/05/03


Session XP: 3000

XP Reason Location
200 Mongrelmen (x2) H6
600 Wenduag H6
200 Uziel H9
600 Hosilla H6
800 Cultist of Baphomet, Cultist of Deskari H6
800 Discovering Radiance H6


Date: 18 Arodus 4713
Time: 16:00
A stone pedestal holds a copper brazier aloft in the center of this room. Against the western wall, an enormous pile of animal furs and think quilts serves as a bed. Sheathed weapons and stone carvings adorn the walls. The eastern half of the room holds a wooden desk, beneath which stands a long, thin iron lockbox. In the center of the room is a wooden throne. Sitting on the throne is a human female holding a book with the image of Baphomet. He name; Hosilla.
Encounter: Hosilla and friends
- Letter (see below)
- Potion of Cure Moderate Wound (x2)
- Potion of Invisibility (x2)
- Wand of Spiritual Weapon (8 charges)
- Alchemist's Fire (x2)
- Tanglefoot Bag
- Chain Shirt (x3)
- Masterwork Glaive (x3)
- Antitoxin
- Scroll of Cause Fear (x2)
- Scroll of Bear's Endurance
- Scroll of Remove Disease
- 600g
- Radiance - Legendary Weapon
Letter to Hosilla
Hosilla, You will remain, for the time being, in Kenabres, but know this. The city’s days are numbered. Seek a place of safety — the underground den of your mongrel lackeys should suffice to keep you safe from the devastation to come. I shall assume command of Drezen shortly, and once Vorlesh has finished with the wardstone and Kenabres is no longer of interest to us, you are to return to my side. Excellent news regarding the salvage of Yaniel's sword from the museum as well bring it with you, for I believe this weapon could be quite useful once we corrupt it. Before you leave for Drezen, stop by the three safe houses (Nyserian Manor, Topaz Solutions, and the Tower of Estrod — the passphrase remains “I've new material for the archives”) to ensure no evidence remains behind. May Lord Deskari and Lord Baphomet watch over you! S.V.
Time: 17:00
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