Vocations are trade craft a character would have learn prior to becoming an adept. They represent the knowledge he would have acquired during the years he practiced it. Choosing a vocation also determines some of your character background. They must be approved by your gamemaster to fit with his story line. The choice of your vocation will open access to a small number of skills that represents the vocation realms of craft. You may choose up to 2 vocation skills at rank 1 or 1 vocation skill at rank 2 when creating your character. Your chosen vocation skill(s) is/are always karmable. Vocation skills can be improved the same way as any other skills. Vocation skills improvement costs are considered the same as common skills.

Vocations List

  1. Animal Trainer (kennel, falconer)
  2. Apothecary (Herbs, Shrubs, berries)/Herbalist
  3. Architect/Engineer
  4. Armorer
  5. Astrologer
  6. Astronomer
  7. Baker
  8. Banker
  9. Barber
  10. Bartender
  11. Bee Keeper
  12. Beggar
  13. Blacksmith
  14. Bounty Hunter/Mercenary
  15. Bowyer/Fletcher
  16. Brewer
  17. Butcher
  18. Carpenter
  19. Charcoal maker
  20. Charioteer
  21. Cobbler/Shoe maker
  22. Constable/Militia/Guard/Jail Keeper/Army/Watchman
  23. Cook
  24. Dock worker (Wharf)
  25. Doctor/Dentist/Healer
  26. Entertainer/Minstrel/Painter/Story Teller/Jester/Playwright
  27. Farmer/Peasant/Gardener
  28. Fisherman
  29. Furrier
  30. Gem Cutter
  31. Glass Blower/Glazier
  32. Grave digger/Undertaker
  33. Guide
  34. Harlot
  35. Herder
  36. Hunter
  37. Inn Keeper
  38. Interpreter
  39. Jeweler
  40. Judge/Lawyer/Government/Administrator/Tax collector
  41. Laborer/Servant*
  42. Leather Worker
  43. Locksmith
  44. Logger/Lumberjack
  45. Mason/ Stone worker/Plasterer
  46. Merchant/Peddler
  47. Messenger/Herald
  48. Mill worker
  49. Miner
  50. Noble/Royalty
  51. Potter
  52. Priest (Church personnel/Monastery)
  53. Sage/Scribe/Librarian/Cartographer/Bookmaker
  54. Sailor/Navigator
  55. Sculptor/Carver (Bone, wood, metal)
  56. Shipwright
  57. Slave
  58. Smelter (Foundry)
  59. Smuggler/Burglar
  60. Spy
  61. Stable master/Stable hands
  62. Tailor/Weaver/Cloths/Dyer/Hat maker/Spinster
  63. Tanner
  64. Teacher
  65. Thatcher (straw roof maker)
  66. Tinker - Broom maker, Basket weaver, Candle maker, (Chandler), Barrels/Casks/Buckets/Tubs (Cooper), Rope maker, soap maker/Clock Maker/Silversmith
  67. Trapper
  68. Weapon smith
  69. Wheelwright/Wagon maker
  70. Wine maker



Associated Skills Flora Lore

The alchemist Vocation represent the work a Potion maker does. In his daily work, the alchemist crafts not only potions but also salves and paste that has any given properties (not necessarily magic properties). Alchemist were medieval chemist: They understand the effects of mixing different elements and ingredients.

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