The Princess Tear


Nahir, Ke'Shay Bard

www.grimoires-antidotes.com_games_princesstear_nahir.jpg Nahir - Character Sheet

Nahir was born 80 years ago, the first born of of Elahil and Natalania. He grew up in Kaer Ke'Shay after its was opened and never really left the area ever since. He quickly developed a rapport with everyone and was identified by the grand council as having the potential of being a ke'shay, an elite adept dedicated to the well being of the community. He started his adepthood following the path of the Ke'Shay Guardian where he learned how to use the blade to defend his peers and make sure the kaer was always safe. After reaching the Circle 8, he decided to change his path and went thru the ritual of ? in order to start learning to be an Ke'Shay Avenger without being influence by his older ways. Then again, after mastering elements, he switched yet again to another discipline and he is now following the path of the ke'shay Bard.

Racim, Ke'Shay Guardian

Sliver, Ke'shay Blademaster

www.grimoires-antidotes.com_games_princesstear_sliver.jpg Sliver - Character Sheet

Sliver Blazingedge was born 50 years ago. He grew up in Kaer Ke'Shay after its was opened and never really left the area ever since. He quickly developed and was identified by the Grand Council as having the potential of being a Ke'Shay adept; an Elite Servant of the Taenir Ke'Shay society dedicated to the well-being of the community. He is currently following the path of the Ke'Shay Bladesmaster where he learned how to use his Elven Blades to perform incredible attacks and combat maneuvers.

Due to his recent actions, he is among the most trusted adepts responding directly to the King and the Grand Council of Taenir.

Earthshay, Ke'Shay Avenger

Session Logs

Friends and Foes

  • Kerkashor : King of Taenir Ke'Shay. Responsible of giving the example of the Elven Way.
  • Ke'Shay Masters : Assembly of 12 High Circle Ke'Shay Adepts that rule Taenir Ke'Shay.
  • Haaro : Leader and Ruler of Lurth Lehos
  • Malrianis : Druid near Lurth Lehos
  • Rehardul : Young Elf Scout-Wannabe from Lurth Lehos
  • Tiara : Princess of Teanir Ke'Shay
  • Yaean Talamin :
  • Uthfeldrim : Master Archer at Lurth Lehos
  • Saelas : Scholar at Lurth Lehos
  • Garnotosh : Leader of the Trollish Red Rock Clan.
  • The Red Rock Clan : Troll Clan riding near the Miriath Caves
  • People of Tho : Pre-Scourge Cult devoted to plants
  • Ti'Lorak : Dwarf Elder of Gorra'Thul
  • Loryt'Ssa : T'Skrang Elder female of Moolo
  • Owun : T'Skrang female citizen of Moolo that hired the party
  • Leo Bryn : Adventurer that stayed at Moolo for a while
  • Ssaryrilac : Elementalist from Kryt
  • Tsillock : T'Skrang Ruler of Noriath. One of the three Justiciers
  • Ramonic : Human Ruler of Noriath. One of the three Justiciers
  • Leonard : Human Ruler of Noriath. One of the three Justiciers
  • People of Lorinth : Drake like Namegivers that protects the Pyramid in the Volcano.
  • Mirmoliath : Nethermencer that stole Leo Bryn`s diary, and kidnapped the Princess
  • Tsourou : T'Skrang Scout escorting Leo Bryn
  • Gash'Kanarak Big Troll that devastated Nevas
  • Children of Balak : Small group from a dark Guild that causes troubles around Lurth Leos
  • Ssyran (not yet encountered)

Places of interest


Optional and House Rules

++++Karma |

  • Charisma Attribute Determine Karma Dice
  • Max Karma → Racial Modif + Rank; Choose to add karma AFTER normal step roll unless Karma Required

++++ ++++ Movement |

  • Movement Rate → Racial Movement + Dexterity (a la 1st edition) / 2 (Round Down)

++++ ++++ Strains |

  • Strains are calculate separately
  • Additional Willpower Test done before Recovery Test that reduces Strain only.
  • Recovery Test recovers Strain before actual Physical Damage
  • Fatigue threshold is equals to the Wound Threshold + Endurance Rank
  • Level of fatigue is determine by the amount of String based vs the Fatigue Threshold

++++ ++++ Recovery Tests |

  • As Earthdawn 3rd edition.
  • Recovery Test Step is equals to Toughness Step + Recovery Rank

++++ ++++ Skills |

  • Home Skills: Teaching, Harvesting, Butchering, Brewing, “Endurance” (extend Fatigue threshold), Anatomy, Recuperation (adds to Recovery Test)
Learning Table
Rank Hours
1 50
2 80
3 130
4 210
5 240
6 550
7 890
8 1440
9 2330
10 3770

++++ ++++ Knacks |

  • 2 type of Knacks: Activable and Passive
  • Can be applied on BOTH Talents or Skills


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