The Blackwater Adventuring Company

www.grimoires-antidotes.com_games_blackportpocket_blackwater.jpg The Blackwater Adventuring Company was formed after the Battle of Blackport. The Blackport Guild, a group of thieves and assassins running the city like a puppet got dismantled and some remnant of a single pocket of the guild aligned with Mossûl to be granted a trading company license under the name of Blackwater Trading company. The Company requiring an armed branch for escorts, missions (diplomatic or not) formed the adventuring branch and recruited a Mossûl Bloodguard in order to keep a mutual financial and power interest between Mossûl itself and the Guild.

Current Characters

Skara Ytseh, T'Skrang Necromancer

Sataniel, Neldor Archer

Sataniel - Character Sheet

As a Neldor, Sataniel always felt out of place within the city wall. He nonetheless excelled at what he was taught: survive. Abandoned and alone at an early age, he look after himself until the Blackport Guild took him under his wing. After he joined the rank, he proved himself as an excellent marksman and was a valuable asset to the Guild. Sataniel joined a pocket after his teens years and played a vital role in its success. This pocket actions were so calculated and effective that they brought the Guild down, cause the Battle of Blackport and ensure that its members would be raised within the ranks of a new guild, this one solely focusing on profit via mercantile avenues. He now is an effective force within the Blackwater Adventuring Company, an arm of the Blackwater Trading company and his mission is always to find more ways to overflow the coffin of his associates.

Morik, Ork Warrior

Morik - Character Sheet

Born and raise in Urk, the Mossûl's capital, Morik is the descendant of a long line of Bloodguards. From an early age, he showed great potential and climbed within the ranks faster then any other recruits. After just a few years, he reached an officer rank and played a noticeable role during the battle of Blackport. He was, because of his dedication and courage, elected to be part of the merchant company that would be ran secretly by Mossûl to ensure and everlasting presence within the city walls and as far as its influenced is felt. He joined the Company and their first successful mission was to prevent the uprising of the Serpent folks in Blackport. He has been adventuring outside the city wall ever since and periodically send reports to his superior on their progress in order to always keep Mossûl one step ahead of the competition…

Session Logs


Noteworthy Treasures & Possessions

Findings, Notes & Unfinished Quests

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Hall of Heroes

The Hall of Heroes contains Characters that are no longer active within the company.

Optional and House Rules

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