Standard Skills

  • Recuperation (Add Rank to Fatigue Recovery Test)'
  • Recovery (Add Rank to Recovery Test)
  • Endurance (Add Rank to Fatigue Threshold)
  • First Aid (Heal physical damages after combat. No Attribute, No re-roll)
  • Teaching (Add Skill Rank Teacher - Desired Rank + Teaching)/2 to learning Skill)
  • Teaching (a la Marquis)
  • Hide (Perception Difficulty: NULL if movement)
  • Improved Senses: Spot, Smell, Listen, Touch, Taste

Crafting Skills

Crafting skills are always using Dexterity as base attribute

  • Map Making
  • Harvesting/Foraging (Collecting Plants, Herbs, Fruits, Vegetables, Fungi…)
  • Butchering (Collecting Body Parts from Animals, Creatures …)
  • Brewing (Potions, Salves, Drinks… - NOT in Alchemy Lore;
  • Mining
  • Gem Cutting

Lore Skills

Lore skill are always using Perception as a base attribute.

  • Anatomy (Lore)
  • Psychology
  • Geology/Metallurgy

Modified Skills

  • Languages
  • Wilderness Survival (Not much modif: The Foraging perform will ONLY grants VERY COMMON eatable elements in an environment the character is used to. Must use Botany and/or Hunting/Fishing in Unknown environment)
  • Appraisal is a passive knack that can be purchased for every relevant skill/talent at the cost of 100LP. If the knack is not known, the test requires a good result if a relevant skill/talent is trained or excellent otherwise.

Knowledge & Crafting Relationship

  • Metallurgy (Geology), Mining, Gem Cutting
  • Metallurgy (Geology), Mining, Black Smithing (Weapon Smithing & Armor Smithing)
  • Creature Lore (Fauna Lore), Anatomy, Butchering, Cooking
  • Creature Lore (Fauna Lore), Anatomy, Butchering, Leather Working
  • Creature Lore (Fauna Lore), Anatomy, Butchering, Alchemy, Brewing
  • Flora Lore, Harvesting, Cooking
  • Flora Lore, Harvesting, Alchemy, Brewing

  • When more then 1 skill is trained, add the relevant rank to your test
  • When a specific skill is untrained but one from within the production chain is known, add 1 level of difficulty for each distance (eg: Cutting a gem when Metallurgy is known will require a excellent result. The RANK of Metallurgy will be used but with the associated attribute of Gem Cutting (Dex as oppose to the standard Perception for Metallurgy)
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