www.grimoires-antidotes.com_games_riserunelords_earthdawn3rd.jpg We are playing Paizo's Rise of the Runelords adventure path. We're using Earthdawn 3rd Edition Game Mechanic and convert the Pathfinder RPG stats, encounters and CR to Earthdawn. Our Characters started at Circle 1 and we're expecting them to reach Circle 12 by the end of the adventure path. We're also using the Cathay extension to Earthdawn which adds the Asiatic flavor to the game; Which fits perfectly with Minkai!

Current Characters

Wong Leong

  • Race: Human (Varisian raised in Minkai)
  • Discipline: Samurai
  • Circle: 8


  • Race: Human (Varisian)
  • Discipline: Journeyman
  • Circle: 8


  • Race: Human (Thassilonian)
  • Discipline: Arch-Wizard
  • Circle: 8

Session Logs

The last 3 session logs are available here:

For older ones, Use the link below:


Unidentified Treasures

Optional and House Rules

Follow this link to see the list of Optional Rules used for this campaign:

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