Our Prelude to War


Norias, Elven Elementalist

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Norias is a young elf that emerged from a cursed family. His fore fathers have essentially all died at the end of the elements which made him believed he is chosen to master them and become a very powerful elementalist. His Father died in a forest fire about 10 years ago; He was a lumberjack. He is the only family member to ever lived in the village with Norias. He wasn't born there but move to believing he was escaping the curse. Norias never met his mother and knows very little about her. He has been working at the local store ever since his father passed away and has been looking up to the local merchant as if he was his uncle. Norias ancestors passed away by water (his grand father drowned; he was a fisherman), his great grand father fell off a shaft (air) and died even before hitting the bottom gallery; he was a miner. His great great grand father was also a miner but passed away in a gallery colapse.

Narak Lor G'ral


Narak is a young troll…

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