Knacks usually apply on Talent but can sometime be associated with a skill.
2 types of Knacks: Activable and Passive Knacks

Activable Knacks

Found in earthdawn. Character can choose to use a talent knack whenever he sees fit. An associated cost is paid when the knack is used.

Passive Knacks

Passive Knacks are more reflective of HOW a talent (or skill) was learned and cannot be activated at will; rather, it is always applied when the character uses the associated talent. Passive knacks do NOT come with an associated activation cost but rather drawbacks that describes the limitation that this particular specialized application of the associated talent represent.

Knacks Description

  • Mimic Creature Sounds (On Mimic Voice. Activable. +2 to mimic a sound previously heard. Cost: 2 strains. Rank Miminum: 2)
  • Short Blade (On Melee Weapon. +2/+2 with Small Weapons. -3/-3 with Large Weapons. PASSIVE. Rank Minimum: 1)
  • Stealth (On BOTH Silent Walk and Hide. Gives 1/2 Movement for 1/2 Hide results + Full Silent Walk result. Activable Knack. Cost: 1 Strain. Rank minimum: 2 on BOTH)
  • Melt into a Crowd (on Hide. Grants a +1 per 5 people Bonus on Hide Check when in Crowd). ACTIVABLE. Cost: 1 strains. Rank minimum: 1)
  • Sneaky Strike (on Surprise Strike). Grants Surprise Strike bonus on Blindsided opponent. Activable Knack. Cost: 2 strains. Rank minimum: 3)
  • Expert Defender… Jusqu'a +3/-3. Rank 5 de melee minimum. 0 strain. 100LP
  • Master Defender… Jusqu'a +/-rang de melee. Rank 7 de melee minimum. 1 strain. 300LP. Requires Expert Defender
  • Fast Cast. If last thread is Excellent, tu peux caster au meme round! 2 strains. 300LP. REquires RAnk 5 de SPellcasting et 5 rank de thread weaving
  • Control agressiveness. de +1/-1 jusqu'a +3/-3 sur agressive attack. 0 strains. 5 rank de melee. 100LP.
  • Hold Thread. 6 Thread weaving minimum. 300LP. Permet de keep up un thread jusqu'a thread weaving rank hours ou round si combat. 1 strain per hour/round. Peut quand meme threader autre chose.
  • Called Weaving Allows Spellcasters to weave spell threads with specific purposes.
  • Two-Handed Fighting Perfectionist in two handed weapons
  • Combat Awareness Improved combat sense
  • Call Hit Improve the chance of call shot success
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