Optional Rules used in This Campaign


Interacting with objects in your backpack will not be considered a “free” action; It will require an action. Interacting with objects in quiver, pouch or on yourself is still considered a “free” action.

Critical Hit Damage

Throw the damage as per normal and add the max value of all die/dice instead of doubling or throwing twice. The modifiers are still only applied once.

Inspiration Limit

There will NOT be any limit on the number of inspiration Dice you can have. Feel free to accumulate as many as you want. We will still use the large yellow dice for this. I'll buy more if need be!

Some Minor Clarification on Social Interactions

It's exactly as described in the DMG but I just wanted to point some details:

  • A failed Deception (Cha) CAN have ill effect on NPC's attitude.
  • A failed Intimidation (Cha) CAN have ill effect on NPC's attitude.
  • A failed Persuasion (Cha) Will NOT have ill effect on NPC's attitude


We will be using a slot based system for encumbrance. Each character will have 2 card sheets (18 slots) representing their body. Any container will have to use one of these slots and will represent another sheet. Only the coin purse is given for a free as an extra sheet. The body will have to accommodate the following type of items:

  • Head (Helmet, Crowns, Circlets, Headbands, Hood)
  • Body (Armor and Clothes)
  • Feet (Boots, Sandals, Footwear)
  • Hands (Weapon, Shield, Gauntlets, Bracers, Bracelets, Gloves)
  • Rings
  • Neck (Necklace, Periapt, Talisman & Amulets/Holy Symbols)
  • Back (Cape, Cloak, Mantle)
  • Waist (Belt, Scabbards/Weapons, Waterskin)
  • Misc. (Brooches, Ioun Stones, Lens/Goggles)
  • Containers (Quiver, Backpack, Belt Pouch, Scroll Case)

And the containers will have the following capacity:

  • Backpack: 18
  • Belt pouch: 9
  • Quiver: 9
  • Scroll Case: 9
  • Coin Purse: 9

Magic Items

The maximum number of attuned magic item will be equal to your proficiency bonus.


Crafting will be done at a rate of 50GP value per day instead of 5GP.

Silver Weapon Cost

Will be recude to 10GP / weapon or 10 missiles instead of the 100GP in the Player's handbook.

Artisan Tools

Some minor changes in the Tools Brewer's Kit [Artisan Skill] is gone; Falls under Cook's Utensils (but we use the Brewer's Cost of 20GP) Herbalims Kit and Poisoner's Kit are gone; Falls under Alchemist's Supplies [Artisan Skill]


You guys will decide, for the most part, how much time will be spent between adventures (unless there is a triggering events). I would like us to perform the downtime during our gaming session. Here's a list of potential activity during downtime (NOT limited to that list):
(from Player's handbook p.187 and Dungeon master Guide p.127)

  • Crafting
  • Practicing a profession
  • Recuperating
  • Researching
  • Training
  • Building (House, Stronghold, Church, etc)
  • Carousing
  • Crafting a Magic Item
  • Gaining Renown
  • Performing Rite
  • Running a business
  • Selling Magic Items
  • Sowing Rumors
  • Acquire Information/News/Rumors
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