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Earthdawn Character Sheet

This is one of our version of the Character Sheet we developped for Earthdawn. It's actually 4 pages. The first one describes the character, his attributes and a quick step table, the 2nd one is dedicated to Skills and Talents Combined in a single table, the 3rd one is equipment splitted by containers (like Self, backpack, Beltpouches, Quiver…) and the last one is for spells


Star Wars [Saga Edition] Character Sheet

www.grimoires-antidotes.com_download_cspreview.jpg Not sure where this one is from but I just love it! It's got everything in there; All filled up with constant and automatically filling up based on attributes, level, etc.


Gamemaster Campaign Logs Book

This is a template Campaign Logs book that I use to keep track of stuff when I'm the gamemaster. It has a timeline/events tracker for NPCs, Plots/Quests/Rumors, Items , Combat, etc. I also added a tracking table for Food, Rest & fatigue, effects, light sources and Karma usage.


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