Critical Wound Table

Earthdawn doesn't have any Critical Hit Rule like D&D. The Earthdawn game mechanic already has a built in system to improve the actual damage a combatant would inflict on his adversary; it's called the Armor Defeating Rule. Since Armor rating and Physical Defense are 2 distinct elements of a character attributes (as oppose to an Armor Class for example), the armor doesn't actually absorbs damage like it normally does when a hit is exceptional. But, since Critical Hit table added so much flavor and let's be honest, plain good old hack/slash fun, we wanted something similar in our games. So we created a Critical Wounds Table instead (but the concept of wounds is straight out of Earthdawn rules set). How can you determine if a character does indeed inflict a critical wound? Well, inflicting a normal wound is done when you hit your opponent for at least his wound threshold worth of damage. A critical wound gets inflicted when you do at least twice your opponent wound threshold.

Critical Wound are semi-permanent and usually last longer than the encounter. The gamemaster can either pick the location of the critical wound, throw the location die or have the player who administered the blow do it.
So, based on our Critical Wound Rule, Here is a table of results and effects:

Location Slicing Piercing Blunt Magic
Head Ear gets partially chopped - Listen @ -5 steps until healed
Deep cut around the eye - Spot @ -5 steps until healed
Ear is chopped off clean - Permenant lost of Step3 Perception
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