Campaigns and Related Documents


All our Campaigns and games related material, like journals, maps, Character sheets, NPCs, Quests will be listed in here under the different games. The Worlds Sub-wiki will be use to keep track of all the related info to our homebrewed campaign settings

Rules, Tables and Game Mechanics

This wiki section is where we place all our home brewed rules (optional and/or modified) and tables. It is meant as a complement to the standard Earthdawm 3rd Edition rules set. We will also list which campaigns and/or game masters actually uses those and under which campaigns/adventures.

RPG Products Information

We're trying to build a database of RPG products information for our own collecting purposes. We also link the products review we've done and where to buy


We've placed some of the documents we produced for download here. We also list all the sites of interests we use as reference or for shopping. Feel Free to drop us a note if you have a cool bookmark and/or a document you would like us to host for you.

About Grimoires & Antidotes

Not much to say… but if YOU do have a comment, question or rant, feel free to use the contact us section…

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